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About and Chatroom

Hello Everyone :iconinuspazplz:

This is a group for RP lovers to meet RP lovers. This is mainly Anime and OC RP, but it can include other genres including books, TV shows, and movies.

:iconinupointplz:Be respectful, or I'll cut you:iconinukillplz:

:iconinutentaclesplz:have fun! And Welcome!:iconinulaplz:

We now have a chatroom, so have fun, just read the rules so that there aren't too many problems:…

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Fandom Roleplay

As I know very few people read my rules. I will not allow comments in this journals. Like that, I'll be sure you will read all.

I'm sorry but after many disappointments, I became more selective. I prefer having two or three partners but serious and motivated than more partners who don't respect what I ask.

The respect is a exchange, if you give me your Rp request without reading all, this is a point of direspect, if you want I play only a Oc or a Canon character for you it's unfair for me.

Honestly if you are a ass with me I will be a ass with you also: I can abandon a RP if I feel all that, it's a shame because I can play a canon for you seriously for your Oc in return or be really serious when I play with someone who respect me and my request. In return I will respect you it's logic.

I like doing Rp with someone who are motivated, doing the drawings of the Rp's, gifts etc...

If you want RP with me, give me a note.

Now read the rules and thanks for your respect. If you respect me, I respect you... It's fair, not it ?

My rules

• If you play a male canon character for my female OC, I will do the same for you. Just ask... But though I'm ok with OC x OC as well even if I prefer Oc x canon.
• No RP's against the laws or with fetish, age difference, incest, etc...All that is prohibed.
• No god mod (don't kill my OC(s) or made them moving)

• I play a male only in double RP.

• Please if you play a canon try to kept a bit his temper. I can't see Sephiroth as a very sensitive man and kind like a little bird for example.

• I mostly do Rp's romantic as you could see, if you do not like that then I'm not a partner for you.

• I play also the canon females characters in double RP, If I play the crush of your Oc play mine also thanks ^^.

• Rating can be discussed.

• I'm not good with english so... Don't be rude.

• I don't do yuri and yaoi, sorry.

• I don't play animals/ferals.

• If I see you don't respect my rules/requests I'll abandon the RP.

• If you start a RP be sure to be fair and serious as I'm and not abandon the games after two days, I think you don't want I drop a RP as I don't want you abandon the RP.



- Harry Potter
- Mad Max
- The Lord of the ring
- Pirates of caribbeans
- Avatar (movie)
- Jurrasic Park/world
- Horror movies ( Insidious, the grudge, ...)


- Scrubs
- Big Bang Theory


- How to train a Dragon 1&2
- Dragoon Booster
- Disney series (Aladdin, Buzz the lightyear, ...)
- Hotel Transylvania 1&2
- Toy story (all)
- Despicable Me
- Big Hero 6
- TMNT 87 or 2003
- Highlander the animated serie
- Flash Gordon the animated serie
- Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders

Anime & mangas:

- Attack on titan
- Danganronpa
- Tokyo ghoul
- Pokemon
- Sailor moon
- XXX holic
- Switch girl
- School Rumble
- Fruit basket
- Saint Seiya
- Mirai Nikki
- Soul Eater
- Digimon
- Yu-gi-oh (first season)

Videos games:

- Zelda (serie of games)
- Pokemon (serie of games)
- Final fantasy (serie of games)
- Tales of (serie of games)
- Devil my cry
- Spyro
- Grandia
- Breath of fire (serie of games)
- Resident Evil (serie of games)
- Last of us
- Sonic (serie of games)
- Mario (serie of games)
- Bloody roar (serie of games)
- Castlevania (serie of games)
- Alundra
- Skyrim

Male canon characters I'm looking for:

Animé & Mangas:

- Levi Ackerman (AOT)
- Bertolth (AOT)
- Reiner (AOT)
- Jean (AOT)
- Marco (AOT)

- Perfect Cell (DBZ)
- Cooler (DBZ)
- Frieza (DBZ)

- Ayato (Tokyo Ghoul)
- Amon (Tokyo Ghoul)

- Nanahara Fumito (Blood-c)

Others will come soon

Video games:

- Dante (DMC)
- Vergil (DMC)

- Link (Adult, Zelda games)
- Dark Link (Zelda games)

- Sephiroth (FF VII)
- Reno (FF VII)
- Rufus (FF VII)
- Tseng (FF VII)
- Squall (FF VIII)
- Seifer (FF VIII)


- Dracula (Hotel Transylvannia)


- Severus Snape ( Harry Potter)
- Lucius Malfoy (Harry Potter)

Series :

- Daryl Dixon ( TWD)

OC  and kind of Oc x Oc Rp's I'm looking for:

- A evil male Ghoul (your oc) x human woman (my oc) (Tokyo Ghoul)
- A nice male Ghoul (your oc) x human woman (my oc) (Tokyo Ghoul)

- A shy soldier (a bit like Marco or Bertolth, your Oc) x Evil woman titan shapeshifter (my oc) ( AOT)
- A evil titan shapeshifter (Your oc) x Kind human woman (my Oc) (AOT)

- A male zora (your Oc) x a Gerudo (my Oc) (Zelda)
- A male zora (your Oc) x a hylian woman ( My Oc) (Zelda)

Interested ? Give me a note.

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Thanks for accepting me i cant wait to start roleplaying! <3 
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Thank you so very much for accepting me :) I love rping as my oc's but it seems difficult to find anyone else who wants to join in.
as for my intro: Hello everyone Aura-hero here:) Anyone wanna do some OC rp? I'm game for most anything, but try to keep it pg, even though i'm pretty open minded, note me or reply and we can get srated :)
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Sorry it took a while to get back to you. More people see the journals than just comments. And the journal submissions should be open to members. Please tell me if they're not.
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They are open, I just wanted  to introduce myself :)
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Welcome to the group! I think most people are willing, you just have to approach them.
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