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Hello Everyone :iconinuspazplz:

This is a group for RP lovers to meet RP lovers. This is mainly Anime and OC RP, but it can include other genres including books, TV shows, and movies.

:iconinupointplz:Be respectful, or I'll cut you:iconinukillplz:

:iconinutentaclesplz:have fun! And Welcome!:iconinulaplz:

We now have a chatroom, so have fun, just read the rules so that there aren't too many problems:…

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Hey everyone!

Edit: I decided to give a shot at yaoi/MxM for this roleplay. This is also for a hetero relationship, though, so don't be afraid to ask!
This whole journal is for a female character, but you could imagine it being for a male character as well.

The Bachelorette has recently started its new season and I am wondering if anyone is interested in doing a role play with a similar premise!

The genre is romance and comedy, of course, but the general rating for any of my role plays is PG13- nothing explicit, and if anything sexual were to happen, I'd be comfortable if it was implied.

This role play is heavily plot driven!

If you're interested in a role play but this plot just ain't your style, look at this journal for a lot more options:

So for those who have no idea what the Bachelorette is- just what is going on?

Your female character was chosen for a matchmaking game show! Nine men or women will be their suitors, go on dates with your bachelorette, and try to win her over, and night after night, your bachelorette will vote off one by one until they meet their match.

You get to pick your suitors!
Note: If you really don't feel like picking out which ones you like, I have a 'Default' option, which is for the first nine guys.

Rzeznik - Secret occupation, will be revealed if bachelorette gets close enough to him. He's adventurous, good-humored, and tends to be slightly stubborn. Likes: Learning languages, the French language, and trying out new foods.

M - Police officer. He's stoic, quiet, and serious, but has a slightly silly personality to go with it. Likes: Dogs, playing sports, and target practice.

Daerk - Coach. He's solemn and tends to have an arrogant streak at times, but he genuinely means well and will change if he likes someone enough. Likes: Attention, cats, and cookies. Note: Daerk goes with Lihgt. You can not take one and leave the other.

Lihgt - Teacher. He's kind, patient, and very gentle, but he tends to humiliate himself by any means necessary in order to keep the peace. Likes: Reading, vegan diets, and learning new things. Note: Lihgt goes with Daerk. You can not take one and leave the other.

Collins - Political leader. He's sarcastic, crude, rude, and is usually the first one voted out of the game. Very rarely will he reveal a side to him that he shows absolutely no one. Will reveal Likes if bachelorette gets close enough to him.

Orestes - Nature guide. He's warm, patient, and intelligent, but he's as modest as a blushing nun- simple things like kissing and holding hands is new territory for him, and he acts just a little distant from physical affection. Likes: Woodsy terrain, camping, and reading.

Lyncis - Doctor. He's incredibly intelligent and may give off the impression that he thinks he's better than you when that is not the case- he's just as awkward as he is smart. Likes: Cooking, chess, and ballroom dancing.

Johnny - Journalist. Despite being the youngest, he's very mature for his age and is usually the first to act in situations where quick thinking is needed, but he's still a bit of a dork and may exhibit some awkward quirks. Likes: Video games, horror movies, and beach volleyball.

Spear - Secret occupation, will be revealed if bachelorette gets close enough to him. He's goofy, hyper, and readily affectionate, acting completely against his age; he almost gives off the impression of a puppy. Likes: Milk, hugs, and playing sports.

OCs Humanized - Males (Open to Roleplay) by MrDonJohnnyCadetSir <- Picture of the guys there

Simon - Hair stylist. Open-minded, silly, and completely flamboyant, he is constantly mistaken as gay, but he is completely straight and completely open to have a good time. Likes: The color pink, video games, and competitive play.

Zenri - Waiter. Rambunctious, stubborn, and a bit of an idiot, he may also be the first one kicked out of the game. He does have some endearing moments, though, and will genuinely appreciate it if he is shown enough patience. Likes: Getting into trouble, hacking, playing the guitar.

Pathos - Child psychologist. It takes a lot to make him smile, but it also takes a lot to make him angry, sad, or overall emotional. He's very coolheaded and generally goes with the flow- but has a soft spot for people and will sit down to listen if someone needs to talk.  Likes: Children, watching TV, and playing board games.

Darkness - Secret occupation, will be revealed if bachelorette gets close enough to him. He's timid, awkward, and very quiet, but he cares a lot for people. Likes: Dinosaurs, riddles, and coffee.

Extras OCs Humanized by MrDonJohnnyCadetSir <- Picture of the rest of the guys here

Additional Notes:

*   No Mary-Sues, please!! I don't mind if your character has a bit of a sad backstory to go with them but don't make it over the top!
*   Please let me know if you want a Fantasy setting! The DEFAULT setting is an average slice-of-lifeish reality tv show, so if you don't tell me otherwise, I go into it thinking it's a simple reality tv show role play. I PREFER the default but I'll do Fantasy if you like.
*   No sex, please. And if you feel like it would help develop the characters' relationship more, I'd rather it be implied than explicit.
*   If you think I have too many characters on my end, you can have TWO bachelorettes instead of one. Again, the default is one, so please tell me if you want two, because I can work with that.
*   I only do paragraph style.
*   NO fan characters, please.

Small Bachelor/Bachelorette Bio:

Personality Type (Only pick THREE that BEST describe your character) : Modest, Spicy, Stubborn, Compliant, Playful, Serious, Intelligent, Ditzy, Brave, Timid, Optimistic, Pessimistic.
Suitors they'd like to date (pick nine; if you don't feel like picking them, just list "Default") :
Do they have a longer bio/a picture/both you'd like to link?

*   Each male character has their own two "types" that they prefer; even if your character doesn't match a "type", they can still win him over, but it's easier to get along with him if they did.
          *   In addition to that, each male character has one "type" that they dislike; it's VERY possible to get together with him but he's more likely to be distant to your character in the beginning.
*   Your character has permission to kiss any of the guys, and they will not pull away or say no to the physical interaction.


Also, if I already am in an ongoing role play with you and I haven't responded, let me know- the last few weeks have been stupidly hectic and I may have forgotten to reply |D;
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