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Hello Everyone :iconinuspazplz:

This is a group for RP lovers to meet RP lovers. This is mainly Anime and OC RP, but it can include other genres including books, TV shows, and movies.

:iconinupointplz:Be respectful, or I'll cut you:iconinukillplz:

:iconinutentaclesplz:have fun! And Welcome!:iconinulaplz:

We now have a chatroom, so have fun, just read the rules so that there aren't too many problems:…

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Well I'm looking for a future long term friend for a story I'm still working about centaurs.
I'm looking for someone into centaurs mostly, in the future.
I already have my story cover up  about it but I have to update info about my  centaurs preferences. XD

Through experience in rping with various people, that seemed more random then that of actually INTREST, I have a strict requirement for the centaurs, that you should already have centaur(s) characters within your gallery(your fursona and or other characters that's not short of just random stuff :\ ) for I'm not interested in someone at all whose just randomly interested. I feel like I'm really just trying to win the lotto-so hey if you know someone into centaurs note me.

So you just  have to be into centaurs and have some info in equine knowledge like coat colors and such..nothing too otaku detailed like me :DNot that I wouldn't worship you if you were an otaku of centaurs.

Info as to this centaur request,

Its not a roleplay, as a normal one, I was really just thinking this time I'm instead in something more then less of a simple random role play as I'm use too, So I'm on a "soul-search" to find a serious friend whose into centaurs.

(UHH greek myth centaurs nothing made up like dog-taurs and such XD I've realized that there are lot of misunderstandings as to what a "centaur" is), So the story I'm working on is not at all an rp but like it if having someone wanting to have their character within it.

I had a really good friend whom I rp' with and had then soon plan in putting her character within it but she was all too busy with equine vet and I'm hoping to find someone.
The story is literacy/comic. (I personally love both why its a combo ^.^)

If interested note me  for more the info if it can work out or not.

Sorry that I haven't posted up the characters yet. Working on it.

As to anything else, I'm looking for a slight mature person, over age of 16, preferably female, no offense but I'm use to female rps O.o

As for your character, they just can be anything and have a natural normal look, then crazy silly colors.

For their nature, they would have to be general standards to the characters I have.

Though I have yet to put any of my characters up XD Why this its a search for a future friend search.

Note me if your interested. I'm sorry but what I've written there are no exceptions X\

Okay then, well for centaur requirements:

Age:older teen in age roleplayer (16+)

Evidence of your interest for centaurs :have an Oc/OCs, and or rp centaurs. (at least have some ocs XD)

RP type I do: Long term serious rp-er, Story-type only (though this is a story actually not an rp),
So no 10 lines.

Your character: is apart of society standards (I have to update my character's preference info.Gomen XD) So nothing off. HAS to be with the story or it won't make any sense.

Sexuality preference: Hetero (I have two characters that are slightly shounen-ai  though)
I had a lot of communication failures and that's very impossible if you are an rp player.
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